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Reviews and Surveys

9:10am 11th February 2018





Over the past week the X2 Team has sent the Q2 Review to our members to provide them feedback as well as respond to questions that have been supplied to provide us with feedback. We’ve also made a request in this week’s Weekly Bulletin for members to provide us with their preferred date and location for the next X2 Conference.

The response towards our Q2 Review has been fair. However, the response we have received is not a full response by members or anywhere near 100%. Currently we’re hovering at about 40%. Certainly we expect the professionalism in our members to be shown and provide us with the feedback so we can develop the network in a way that the members want to see and will be steps towards reaching the goals that the members are seeking out of a semi-exclusive and different type of network.

For those that have responded to our Q2 Review, you all should be commended on the thorough and will thought out answers to the questions that we posed. Most, if not all of the responses were clear and defined the individual member’s desire and vision for the direction of the group as well as what they would like to gain from their X2 Elite membership. We appreciate every contribution that has been made by the members that have taken the time to reply to our short survey.

Also, for those of the membership that have read the Weekly Bulletin, you may have seen that we requested the preferences of members for the location of their conference and their desired date of the conference. Some may ask, “Their conference?” It is true, it is the conference of the members. Yes, X2 facilitates the conference but it is held for the benefits of the membership so they can meet each other and build their own interpersonal relationships and in turn increase the levels of trust amongst each member in relation to the other members.


The response to this question has been very low. It has led us to wonder, does anyone read the Weekly Bulletin? Well, we know that at least some of the members do? Did you maybe skip that section of the bulletin? Perhaps, it may have just been missed by some. Or, does anybody not really or care and simply don’t have an opinion. I certainly hope that it is not the final possibility. I hope it is not for two reasons, one is because the X2 Conference is held for the members. The second is that if we set a date and location, you may have had an opinion and will react unfavorably to what has been decided. Unfortunately for those that do not like the date or location, you didn’t let us know so your opinion was certainly not considered in the planning process. Contribution gets you results, and that includes in terms other than shipments between members and the contribution matrix that has been created.

We want our members to be actively involved in the network. We hope to see responses from each member on both of these subjects. The surveys aren’t for our health or entertainment, they’re for your benefit.