Temporarily Removed from FPS System

Due to the recent events that have been putting pressure on the economic and financial situation around the world, at X2 we have been working hard on reducing the risk to our members when conducting business.

We have put a limit on that risk, and consequently impose a ceiling on how much overdue we should reasonably allow a member to have in our Financial Protection System.

After long discussions we have decided as a team that any given member will not be allowed to have more than the equivalent of $5000 USD in total Overdue invoices (in case of a different currency it will be converted to USD).

If a member reaches or surpasses the mentioned value in overdues, it will be suspended from FPS and will only be reinstated once the outstanding invoices have been settled. A tab with a list of removed members from FPS will be added on your profile page.

For any assistance on invoices that have been paid and still reflect as unpaid, or if you would like more information on the below companies and their outstanding invoices before conducting business, please contact memberships@x2logisticsnetworks.com directly.

Below is the list of the X2 Members suspended from The FPS system and the amount they owe:

Temporarily Suspended Overdue Invoices USD EUR CHF GBP AUD
1. Magnum Cargo Pvt Ltd (Mauritius) 4 - 1,967.00 - 5,740.00 -
2. Atrax Logistics SA (PTY) Ltd 3 88,460.00 - - - -
3. Tristar Cargo System 2 11,477.00 - - - -
4. Affreighter Logistics Private Limited 1 7,380.00 - - - -
5. BlueEX Logistics WLL 1 14,250.00 - - - -
6. Litus Maldives Pvt Ltd 1 81,708.00 - - - -