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X2 Brexit Update Forum

7:51am 30th November 2020





Thank you to everyone who attended our “How Will Brexit Affect Your Business?” Zoom Info Forum
Dear All X2 Colleagues,
I just wanted to send a quick thank you note to everyone who took the time to attend the X2 ‘Info Forum’ on Tuesday 24th November, regarding the very important subject of Brexit and how it may/will affect many of our members as we move closer to what seems to be a confusing and unsure time come 1st January 2021 when the free trade deal seems imminent to end.

A BIG thank you to Elaine Hindley from ACE UK and Andrew Ballard from Jag UFS UK for their initiative and time in presenting and advising the potential impact that everybody living in the EU & even further afield, that businesses will now face as an immediate requirement to adapt because of the end of free trade in both goods and services across the EU. The information and impact presented was extremely concerning and allowed for us all to have a much better understanding of what tough scenarios may be presented to us during this historic time. 

We collectively joined together on a very constructive and informative zoom meeting with;
Attendees = 42
Countries = 25
Networks = Elite, Critical, Cold Chain, Projects, Asia Global, Movers
Members companies: 38
Again, I would like to reiterate that even though we have stepped back from hosting a fixed 3 day 24 hr one on one virtual meeting for the time being, due to the collective negative response from members to attend or show interest (Due to the chaotic schedules and time zones and existing experiences from other networks attempts).

Instead our approach is to host individual ‘Info Forum’ meetings with specific/informative/important industry topics where we invite all members to suggest and request to host alongside X2’s team to facilitate and mediate with you.

For anyone that attended or did not attend we would like to share with you the power point presentation and video that was presented on Tuesday.

Please click the below links if you would like to download.
Download PPT

Watch the Video

Furthermore, we will be sending out separate messages to each network inviting all members to request/suggest setting up and hosting the same, alongside X2’s team who will facilitate, manage and mediate accordingly.

Again, thank you to all involved and I look forward to more of these ‘Info Forums’ where we can all get together at a flexible time to suit all.

Last thing we want anyone to do is waste valuable time on unnecessary fixed meetings when we are all busy and working on extremely difficult global time zones.

Please feel free to get involved and meet up in a professional and well organized ‘Info Forum’ to share and discuss important and informative topics and news from your respective markets. We encourage this and we encourage all niche vertical focused companies to get involved and get to know each other in a professional way.

I look forward to seeing you all more often whilst many of us are still in lockdowns around the World.

Thank you again and stay safe and positive!